The coaching process can start from a specific need, but also from a sense of dissatisfaction or uncertainty. The coach is a sounding board, a person who listens with empathy and dares to confront the coachee when necessary.

For  a in-company coaching we always involve the team leader in the preparation and follow-up. This ensures transparency, clear learning goals and commitment. This will also guarantee in-company support and follow-up.


Coaching sessions

Personal skills 

Emotional Intelligence
Dealing with aggression
Working together: different styles and personalities

Coach the coach

Client centricity
Efficient and client friendly telephone skills
Client friendly and assertive online meetings
Handling complaints with empathy and assertiveness

Coaching on the job

Time Management
Interview techniques
Self-esteem and confidence

 Online simulations

Giving and receiving feedback
Leading a team
Motivate team members


Every coaching starts with an in-take to determine the expectations and coaching demands. We offer the possibility to establish a personality profile before starting, to discuss the results with the coachee.

During the course of several sessions, we offer insights, discuss experiences and give practice opportunities. The coachee can immediately link the coaching content to real life. So we adapt the approach along the way. Trust, empathy and guided follow-up are key elements in every coaching.

At the conclusion of the coaching we establish a  follow-up plan. Who can do this within the work environment and how is this best organized. 


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